_______ Scoring Session

Dan Goldwasser Showbiz

(Ok this entry is gonna be a bit odd, since I can’t actually talk about what I did this afternoon. So, here goes!)

This afternoon I went to ________ to attend ________’s scoring session for _______. This was my second time at a ______ session, so I was really excited to be there. Things were going slowly but calmly, and the music was gorgeous. I had a good opportunity to talk with a few folks there, and had a very nice chat with ______’s assistant. I was hoping to come back on Monday, but after I had left, apparently the director, ____________, decided that he would make the session a “closed session”. That means I can’t write about it, or come back on Monday. It isn’t anything personal – apparently they had been discussing the idea of making everyone sign a non-disclosure agreement, before I even showed up. (And I wasn’t the only guest there.) Still, seems kinda weird – I mean, the sessions are half-done anyways. Oh well. I got to hear some of _______’s score, which was cool. And there will be more opportunities to attend some of his other sessions later this year.