Party of Stars

Dan Showbiz

No, it’s not a big Hollywood bash. Rather, it was a party for the soundtrack release to Book of Stars, a 1999 film that just got a CD release this month from La-La Land Records. As I’m friends with the folks there, I was invited to the party! (Simple enough, right?) The event was held at the Malibu home of composer Richard Gibbs, which was cool enough – but even cooler, he had friend of his who work for JPL/NASA/CalTech come out with their telescopes. As members of Sidewalk Astronomers, they had some good things to point out – I got to see Jupiter and three of its moons, which to me was really frickin cool!

The food was quite good too, and all-in-all, it was a grand old time. I got home super-late though, so I’m back-dating this entry. Deal with it!