SCL Emmy Nomination Reception

Dan Goldwasser Showbiz

Woohoo – free food, and composers! What’s not to like? Weirdly enough, this SCL reception (held in the valley – yes, I braved the traffic and high gas prices to get here!) had a Cuban food theme. But it was still really tasty stuff! Mmmmmmm. Oh yeah – it was nice to mingle with the composers, too. Got to talk to a few folks like Sean Callery (“24”), Joseph Vitarelli (“Revelations”), Charles Hoag (“House”), Stu Phillips (“Knight Rider”), Bruce Broughton (Warm Springs), Michael Giacchino (“Lost” – geez – does this guy follow me or something??), and of course, Alf Clausen (“The Simpsons”). Even Michael Bolton (yes, THAT Michael Bolton!!) was there. ‘Twas fun, and the dessert was brief but oh-so-good too. Damn. Better skip lunch tomorrow!