Just My Luck

Dan Showbiz

Today I went to Fox for a scoring session for the new Lindsay Lohan film, Just My Luck. Before I went into the stage, though, I hit up the Studio Store, and picked up “Firefly” on DVD. I had rented it earlier this year through NetFlix, and it’s been on my mind pretty much ever since. Definitely worth owning.

Then, on my way to the stage, I saw that the cast of “Bones” was taking a break for lunch. Kinda funny since I just watched the premiere last night. Then I stumbled across all of the “Arrested Development” actor trailers – but didn’t see anyone in there. But it was still funny to walk down a small aisle, with names on the doors like “Gob” “George Michael”, “Maebe”, “Tobias”, “George Sr. / Oscar”, etc. Hehe. I can’t wait for the season premiere next week!

The scoring session was fun too – lots of quirky music, and I had some good talks with a few more musicians. Always nice to make connections!