Friday Night Work

Dan Boston

Tonight we had a nice Shabbat dinner with the family. Everyone was here – except for my sister, brother-in-law, and Nili. They showed up around 8:30, since they were coming up from New York. I haven’t seen Nili since February, when she was just 1-month old. Now she’s 9-months old, and it’s quite a difference! She was a bit tired so I’ll get to play with her more tomorrow, I’m guessing.

After dinner I did a bit of work, and put up a History of Violence contest for SoundtrackNet (which will launch at midnight), and then worked a bit on the video I’ve been doing for my grandmother’s 80th birthday. (Celebrating it is kinda the whole point of this trip!) Should be finished up by tomorrow afternoon, so I can present it on Sunday! But for now, bedtime!