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Dan Goldwasser Showbiz

So I was at a scoring session for Flicka today, and decided to swing by the Fox Studio Store to see if there was anything new worth picking up. I bumped into actor Michael Cera, and had to tell him how much of a fan of the show I am. He was really friendly, and even offered to buy me the Season Two DVD (which I graciously turned down, as I already owned it). He then introduced me to a few other folks in the store who also worked on the show. They seemed to be quite happy to know that their work was appreciated, and I should “spread the word”! Apparently it’s not a done deal, and the show is not cancelled. Sure the order has been reduced, but they’re hoping to turn it around. So we’ll see! One of the guys (a cameraman) took my card, and said he would let me know if they have an “open house” to visit the set, which would be frickin AWESOME. Fingers crossed!!

On the way back to the stage, I bumped into Andy Richter, who apparently will show up in a few weeks. I also saw a label on a trailer door that said “Quintuplets”. I wonder if they are going to make some sort of reference to this failed Fox show?

And finally, on the way back to my car on the way out, I crossed in front of Alia Shawkat, who was driving a nice BMW. I think when I get home, I might have to watch some of that Season Two on DVD!!