Kicked from Kong

Dan Showbiz

Wow. That was a first for me.

So after weeks of trying, I finally got approval to get to the King Kong scoring session. I’m working on an article focusing on the technology used to help get the score done in a short time period, specifically the networking between New Zealand and Los Angeles, including real-time playback, etc.

So I get to the session an hour earlier than planned, because I was told they had a 9am start time – turns out it was changed to 10am last night. Oh well, so I hung out at Fox for a little bit with some of the stage crew. In any case, all was going well – I was there for about an hour after the session started. No problems, people knew me, were friendly, etc.

Then I’m gently taken aside, and told that I have to leave because James’ agent doesn’t think I should be there.

So I pack up and go. That’s that.

I wonder why I was allowed to go in the first place, because honestly I’d rather have been told “no, you can’t go” than waste my morning getting up at 7am on a Sunday. It’s frustrating and it’s never happened to me before. And even more annoying, I wasn’t actually covering the session. I wasn’t writing about the music, and hell, I wasn’t even taking pictures of the orchestra. (And since other people were visiting the session today, it can’t be said that it was “no guests at all”.)

Not sure where this leaves my article, of course – it shouldn’t affect it, but right now, I have no idea. Today’s incident has left a sour taste in my mouth, and I’m sure I’ll get over it. But for now, given the way things went this weekend with another article – which was supposed to run next week and now has been shelved for 1.5 months – I’m getting very frustrated with Hollywood. At least right now.