Travelin' Through

Dan Showbiz

So I’m here at Fox for the Final Destination 3 scoring session, and the director of the film (James Wong) mentions that Dolly Parton is next door doing some ADR looping. Never one to miss an opportunity, I pop over there to tell her that her song “Travelin’ Through” (from Transamerica) was listed as one of SoundtrackNet’s “Top 5 Songs of 2005”. She was honored and grateful, and just a really nice lady. I had my camera with me, but wasn’t going to be “that guy”.

Apparently she’s here to do a commentary track for 9 to 5, since Lili Tomlin just showed up, as well as Dabney Coleman. Jane Fonda (I’m told) is hooked in via a remote ISDN feed. Neato!