Mrs. Henderson Presents

Dan Goldwasser Movie Reviews

Decided to check out the Award Screener DVD for Mrs. Henderson Presents this weekend. Taking place in the 1930s, Judi Dench plays the elderly Mrs. Henderson, who needs to find a way to spend her time as a new widow. She decides to buy a theater in London’s West End, and hires Bob Hoskins to manage it. They ultimately decide on having a musical variety show that features tasteful nude tableaus. Obviously this causes a bit of a stirr, and the film follows what happens.

It was entertaining, and the way the film explored all the different characters who work at the theater was nicely done, since it made it feel like a fleshed out ensemble piece, with Dench and Hoskins leading the way. I’ll gladly recommend it if you’re interested, but it’s not a “music see”, and I don’t really see any serious Oscar consideration for it.