Dan Goldwasser Movie Reviews

Well, what is there to say about Hostel? It’s one of those films that has a plot so simplistic and basic, that you have to wonder what the point was. Beyond that, it’s just an excuse for gratuitous breasts, and violence. I suppose it’s the ultimate guy’s flick, but violence for the sake of violence doesn’t really have as much of an impact as meaningful violence. There was only really one part of the movie where I was really kinda creeped out, but that’s just because of a very well done make-up effect. Is it worth seeing? Probably not – there are scarier films that are done much better, and actually have a point to it all.

That being said, I went to see the movie at The Bridge, with Adam, as a matinee. The Bridge is now officially the worst place to see a film, at any time. I’m already annoyed with general audiences, but at The Bridge, it’s always worse for some reason. People seem to have nothing better to do than pay $8 to go to a movie – and talk the whole time. Or answer their cellphone. Or bring their 18-month old toddler to a hard-R film, thus traumatizing the kid for the rest of his life. Crappy parenting, if I do say so myself. All the more reason to just wait for video most of the time, I tell ya!