Underworld: Evolution

Dan Movie Reviews

Today I went with Adam to go see Underworld: Evolution, the sequel to the cult vampire-werewolf flick. The first one was a surprise for me, since I had no idea what to expect – and in the end, I got a rather entertaining movie with lots of action, supernatural happenings, and a pretty decent backstory. The sequel takes place literally right after the first film, so even though they use flashback to “catch you up”, this is a movie that will not work – repeat, not work, if you haven’t seen the first film, let alone remember it!

That being said, it’s not a surprise that most of the critics have been destroying this film- since none of them saw the original! However, I did, so while I “got it” and knew what was happening, I felt a little lost at a few moments because it had been a while since I’d seen the original.

I thought the storyline was better this time around, and the action was really intense. Sure this movie isn’t gonna win any awards, but it was a blast. Marco Beltrami’s score was testosterone-filled, and added to the action in a very effective way. Is it worth seeing? Sure, if you liked the first. Otherwise, you can skip it. I will leave this review with two words: helicopter blades.