Final Destination 3

Dan Movie Reviews

In anticipation of this third chapter in the Final Destination series (kinda oxymoronic, no?), I watched the original film again. It had a lot of smart moments, and very clever gags in which the teenage survivors of Flight 180 were dispatched in ways that would make Rube Goldberg proud. The third one was written and directed by the same folks (James Wong and Glen Morgan), and so I was hoping for something close to the same level.

Readers of this blog will know that I did attend the scoring session in early January – but that doesn’t mean I knew everything that was going to happen in the movie; I only saw moments of footage, since most of my attention was focused on the orchestra – not the video on the screen! Yes, I saw some of the deaths, and thought they looked clever enough. As I was to find out tonight when I saw the final film, however, in comparison to the original film, they weren’t that clever.

The premise this time is that one of the teens has a premonition about a rollercoaster accident. She and a few end up getting off the coaster, and it does indeed crash – and now death is coming for them. But at no point was there anything really “scary” in the film – instead, most of the situations were so absurd that I was laughing most of the time. Sure it had some nice gross-out moments, like death by nail-gun, but nothing was really scary about the film, and the acting didn’t carry the scenes between the deaths.

The score by Shirley Walker (who had scored the first two films) was fun – but buried a lot in the sound mix. I enjoyed what I heard at the sessions, and look forward to a score release. Final Destination 3 delivers what it promises: a cornucopia of teenage deaths, and 100-minutes of distraction. But not much more beyond that. In this day and age of Hollywood drivel, can we expect much more than that? Probably not.