Sin City Hockey Pucks

Dan Cooking

Taking a cue from Robert Rodriguez, I decided to cook again tonight. (Uh oh!) I figured I would at least try to make the homemade torillas from his “Sin City Breakfast Tacos” recpie found on the Sin City special edition DVD. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out so well. Where Rodriguez used lard, I used butter (per his suggestion for a substitute). As I found out too late, I didn’t use enough butter – so the dough was kinda heavy. And as such, I ended up with flour tortilla hockey pucks.

Ok they weren’t that bad. I mean, they’re edible and stuff – but they’re not the best thing. Still, I didnt’ have to buy bread, and I could make a sandwich out of ’em! I think I’ll find a pita recipe to try next…. certainly would have more use for those!