Is that really nessa?

Dan Showbiz

This afternoon, to do a little research for some liner notes that I have to write later this month, I did an interview with Mr. Comedy himself, the one and only Mel Brooks. For twenty minutes, we talked about all sorts of things, mainly about his work on Spaceballs (the album that is coming later this summer), but also about his career and whatnot. It was fast and he seemed like a great guy – very sharp and witty (as one would expect)!

He did yell at me about not having seen the stage musical of The Producers yet. Here, you can even listen to him admonish me. (He might sound mad, but he really wasn’t. Taken on its own, I can see where people would think so!) He is also super-excited to release the album, and even is willing to make any necessary calls to get OTHER albums released. What a guy! I even got to ask him what the 2,000 Year Old Man would say about movie soundtracks.