Grits and Meatballs

Dan Goldwasser Cooking

No, not together. I had watched an episode of “Good Eats” a few weeks ago where Alton Brown made grits. It looked disturbingly easy, and the prospect of having corn meal to bake with (making corn bread, etc.) was certainly tempting. On an impulse buy, I bought a bag of corn meal wednesday night. Total cost: $2.60. Damn, that’s really cheap considering how little you need to make grits.

So, I made the grits. Boiled the water and milk (the recipe called for whole milk, but I used skim – it still came out tasting great), with some kosher salt. Added the corn meal, and whisked it slowly over a 20 minute period. Add some butter and cheese, and viola – cheesy grits! Damn tasty too.

For dinner, I decided to make meatballs, since I had the Israeli spices that my sister so graciously brought back from Israel. I think I need to work on my cooking technique a bit here, but they came out really good. 🙂 Not enough spice in them though! (I apologize for the lack of pictures. Next time, I promise!)