Database Go Bye Bye

Dan Goldwasser Computers

Oh great. So I just finished entering all this data in the Trailer Music database, the Soundtracks database, and the Filmography database, etc….. and now David tells me that we’ve lost a lot of data due to a corruption that happened when he optimized the tables – in preparation for a backup. Apparently our last good backup was July 19, so as you can imagine, that’s not good.

Thank god for Google Cache though. I was able to recover all of our news items, and because the data loss wasn’t “complete”, I was able to figure out what trailer music and soundtracks had been entered in the time since the last backup. Of course, there are still a few holes, and I had to recreate most of the work I did with Pete Anthony’s website (a freelance project I’m working on), but I have most of it all filled in now. I wanted to get as much of it done before Monday night, when Mike is coming to visit for the week.

How annoying that this happened, but hopefully (ahem) it won’t happen again… right David? 🙂