Dan Goldwasser Israel (2006)

My flight from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv was on El-Al Airlines, non-stop. Yes, non-stop. Checking my bag at the airport was easy – but it took a while since every passenger was grilled by the very friendly El-Al staff, asking a serious of security related questions that border on obsessive. (It all makes good sense though.) Still, I felt a bit under pressure trying to remember what my torah reading at my Bar Mitzvah was about, and didn’t think my excuses as to why I didn’t go to Temple this year for the High Holidays passed muster. Nonetheless, they let me on board. It was a Boeing 777, with the seating arranged 3-3-3. I had an aisle seat, which wasn’t too bad, and while I had my own television screen (yay!), the movie selection was lacking, and there should have been at least 5-10 extra inches between rows. (My knees were a tad crammed.)

About six hours into the 15-hour flight, I took my Ambien pill. Guess what! I slept for 2-3 hours. Now you might scoff at that, and say “wow, I guess that pill didn’t work”, but the honest truth of it is, it probably worked just fine. I just kept having to get up to let the two yahoos sitting in my row get out to use the bathroom every 30 minutes, so I never got to really just SLEEP. I am regretting that aisle row choice, now!

So anyways, I landed in Israel about 12:30pm local time, and it’s frickin hot and humid. I feel like I left this weather back in LA a few weeks ago! Grr! Oddly enough, I’m not too tired – but am sure that it will hit me in a few hours!