Kosher Japanese

Dan Goldwasser Israel (2006)

I’m staying at my little sister’s apartment, with my parents. This afternoon we walked to the beach, and generally just relaxed. Oddly enough, after the walk everyone napped except for me. I am sure I’ll feel it soon enough! For dinner we met up with the cousins at a Japanese restaurant. Very good food, but around 10pm I was starting to feel my eyes drooping. After all, I didn’t get much sleep on the flight. The food was good though! When I got back, I found out that we had a database corruption (fun fun) and so a lot of the work I had done over the past week was GONE. Lucky for me, I just had to manually recreate a database based off an online store’s data. Yes, I’m being sarcastic. But the good news is, it’s done and I can go to bed sleeping soundly knowing that when the store autolaunches tomorrow evening, it will be working.