Burger Heaven

Dan Goldwasser Israel (2006)

Lunch today was at a restaurant in Metulla, at the northern tip of Israel, right on the border. We were more than happy to support the local economy, and oh man, am I glad we did! The meal was amazing, and the hamburger I got came with no bun, no lettuce, no tomatoes – nothing. It was just meat, with a little cheddar melted on top, and sprinkled with onion strings. Served on a hot sizzling iron griddle, it provided plenty of amusement as we were initially spattered with the hot juices, but oh man, it was worth it. The burger was seasoned with what seemed to be black pepper – and little else. The natural beef flavors shone through, and it was oh so good. I think we passed the cows on the way over here, so of course, it was amazingly fresh. Mmm!