Flight to Los Angeles

Dan Goldwasser Israel (2006)

The flight back to Los Angeles wasn’t so bad. I was able to switch my seat from a row seat to a window seat, so I could just knock myself out with my NyQuil and Ambien, and survive the flight back. Luckily it worked so that I got about 9 hours(!!) of sleep. Unfortunately, that was all at the front end – it was incredibly hard staying awake just to get on the plane! So when I woke up (over Greenland), we still had about 6.5 hours left in the flight. Urgh. Somehow I managed, and even suffered through a pressure issue with my right ear as we landed, but I made it to Los Angeles all in one piece. I just need to kill off this cold, and then it’s back to work (after I catch up on a lot of stuff, of course).