Bondfest 2006: Dr. No / From Russia With Love

Dan Goldwasser Bondfest 2006

Leading up to the release of Casino Royale on November 17, I will be watching all (yes, all) of the official EON James Bond films. I was calling it “20 Nights of Bond” since I was going to do one a night, but I realized that not only is that unrealistic since I would have had to started tonight and watch one each night until November 17, but also the press screening will undoubtedly be before November 17th. So, i’ll be watching them as I can, most likely in groups. I won’t be reviewing them – rather, I’ll just give some thoughts on them. Tonight I watched the first two.

Dr.No: The first Bond film, I still find it kinda slow paced, and the music feels weird, even misplaced at times. The opening title has some weird edits of the James Bond theme too. I thought that Major Boothroyd (i.e. Q) hadn’t shown up until the second film, but I was wrong!

From Russia With Love:. I had forgotten that the opening credits didn’t have the vocals – making Goldfinger the first Bond film to have a song over the main title. Gotta love those titles though – the gyrating women and projected titles are just awesome!