Bondfest 2006: Live and Let Die / The Man with the Golden Gun

Dan Bondfest 2006

It’s election night, so I figured I would manage to squeeze two more flicks in.

Live and Let Die: Bond has jungle fever, goes to Harlem and the Caribbean, and gets some soul! Roger Moore’s first outing as James Bond gives us plenty of indications of the direction that the series would take under his portrayal as 007. More jokes than excitement, and let’s not forget Geoffrey Holder as Baron Samedi, who was a pretty good villain, but will always be the 7-Up guy to me. The word “honkey” is heard way too much, and I wonder how much subliminal racism is really infusing this film. “Names is for tombstones, baby!”

The Man with the Golden Gun: Bond takes on Dracula. I mean, Scaramanga (Christopher Lee) in this somewhat cheesy outing. There’s some fun stuff in Thailand, and it’s amusing to see Swedish actress Maud Adams as Bond girl Andrea Anders, since she’ll return nine years later in the title roll of Octopussy. The main title song is so 70s, but not as bad as the next Bond film’s score….