Bondfest 2006: The Spy Who Loved Me

Dan Bondfest 2006

Now that I’ve seen Casino Royale, I’m continuing with Bondfest 2006, but it’s just gonna be slow and steady from here on out.

The Spy Who Loved Me: What is better than a secret evil base? An underwater secret evil base! Yes, Bond takes on Karl Stromberg, a man with an evil plan to destory the world through nuclear war, and force humanity to live beneath the sea. Or something like that. It’s a Cold War morality tale, as the British spy teams up with a sexy Soviet Major (“Triple X”) to prevent a nuclear armageddon. It’s not a cinematic masterpiece, but it has snappy dialogue, swanky gadgets, and a metal-toothed henchman named Jaws – making this Roger Moore’s most entertaining Bond film. Even Marvin Hamlisch’s cheesy score amuses, but with the “Chorus Line” rendition of “Nobody Does it Better” heralds the end of the film, I cringed. Talk about milking your Broadway roots! I don’t know what’s worse: Hamlisch’s capper to the film, or the fact that next up will be one of the worst Bond films of them all: Moonraker!