Bondfest 2006: For Your Eyes Only

Dan Bondfest 2006

Took the red-eye flight back to Boston tonight. As an “experiement”, I ripped For Your Eyes Only to my iPod. It worked rather well, I dare say, except the cinemascope aspect ratio left a bit to be desired – the image was so small!

For Your Eyes Only: Roger Moore is getting old, and so while he’s trying to recover the ATAC system from a sunken British ship with the help of a murdered archaeologist’s daughter set on avenging her father’s death, he’s also flirting with Bibi, a skating protege who is like 40 years younger than him. Topol is in the film, which (to me) adds to the amusement factor, since I expect him to burst out with a song from Fiddler on the Roof at any moment. Preventing any musical outbursts, however, is Bill Conti’s horribly dated score. Ouch, my bleeding ears! After Moonraker, For Your Eyes Only is a blessed return to realism, enhanced by John Glen’s direction. There are only two more Roger Moore Bond flicks left – let’s see how old he can get, and how young his Bond girls are!