Bondfest 2006: Octopussy

Dan Bondfest 2006

We were gonna watch The Last King of Scotland, but my dad was tired – so my mom and I watched the next Bond film in the queue:

Octopussy: Bond goes to India and joins the circus to stop a rogue Soviet General from setting off a nuke on a US Air Force base in Germany. Along the way he gets caught up with black market jewel smuggler Octopussy (Maud Adams – previously seen as a Bond girl in The Man with the Golden Gun), and her back-stabbing partner-in-crime, Kamal Khan. Roger Moore is definitely getting old, and watching him bed the various women in the film is starting to get creepy – especially when he’s hitting on Moneypenny’s assistant, Penelope Smallbone. There are some good action sequences in the film, and Indian tennis star Vijay Amritraj has a lot of fun as the company man in India – and when he’s smacking the bad guys with his tennis racket, it’s a nicely done in-joke. Only one more Moore flick to go!