Stinky Car / Baker's Best / FuGakYu

Dan Boston

Today I was driving my uncle’s old minivan. He is a dog person. The minivan smells of wet dog. Apparently it’s been detailed to try to get the stink out – but it didn’t work. It’s pretty horrible.

Met Mike (another high school friend) for lunch at Baker’s Best, a neat little place here in Newton. They have, as you would imagine, awesome baked goods. But I just got a sandwich – gotta prepare for the feast tomorrow! Apparently for his honeymoon, Mike and his wife went around the world for a few months, and I got to hear about the trip. Pretty awesome stuff – makes me want to travel again!

After shuttling my uncle from Florida to my grandmother’s, I had a bit of time before we had to leave to meet my dad fro dinner. So I decided to make the Lemon Bars recipe that Liz had given me. (More on that in the next post!) Dinner was at this Japanese restaurant in Brookline called FuGakYu, which was really good. The roasted eggplant and spicy tuna salad were standout appetizers!