Bondfest 2006: A View to a Kill

Dan Goldwasser Bondfest 2006

After dinner, Liz and Josh and I decided to watch the next flick in the series, bringin Roger Moore’s stint as Bond to an end:

A View to a Kill: Bond takes on genetic superchild Max Zorin (Christopher Walken), and his evil scheme to become the world’s leading provider of microchips by destroying Silicon Valley with a double fault earthquake that will sink it below San Francisco Bay. Basically, it’s a retread of the plot from Superman: The Movie, but on a smaller scale. Scary Grace Jones plays the effectively creepy henchwoman Mayday, and seeing Moore bed her is rather unnerving. Tanya Hart plays the Bond Girl, but her hoarse voice and total helplessness made me think that she needed to stop smoking, and take some self-defense lessons. Lois Maxwell, who has played “Moneypenny” since Dr. No also leaves the series after this film. She was a good character back in the 60s, but at this point her pining for Bond makes her seem like an old maid. It was interesting to note that this is Dolph Lundgren’s first film – it came out in the spring of 1985, with Rocky IV coming out later that winter. Next up: a new Bond!