Monster House (in Real D)

Dan Movie Reviews

I already saw Monster House, back in July when it came out. But tonight I had an opportunity to see it in 3D, so I snagged (at the last minute) Ben and Ari, and we all went over to the Clarity Screening Room to check it out. I won’t go into the details of the film (click the link above if you want those). What I will say is, the film was digitally projected, and enhanced with Real-D. Basically, true-color images, enhanced with polarized lenses to make a stereoscopic image. Pretty seamless, and very, very impressive. There’s one shot, towards the end of the film, that is all-in-one, and has the camera swooping around the characters as some major action unfolds. It’s a lengthy take, and the depth was absolutely brilliant. So, like The Polar Express, any flaws in the film itself were basically washed away by the gimmick of the 3D presentation. But it’s definitely worth it! There’s only one movie, at this point, that I am anxious to see in 3D. Beowulf. One more year to go!