Lemon Bars, One Last Time. Seriously.

Dan Goldwasser Cooking

Ok I lied, I had said (not on this blog) that the lemon bars I made for the Medal of Honor: Airborne scoring session would be my last batch of them, and I would move on to a new recipe. It wasn’t true. I intended to move on, but I realized that one of the music contractors I’m friendly with never got to have any of the lemon bars, since he wasn’t contracting the two sessions I brought them to in the past. So… I made one more batch this weekend. I then forgot to bring them to yesterday’s scoring session at Warner Brothers. So, I brought them to Todd-AO today, and took a break to run over to WB (about 15 min away) to drop them off. Yes, I really am that nice. I even gave some to one of the music executives at WB, in exchange for a Blood Diamond soundtrack. (Woohoo!) But now they have served their purpose, and I will be moving on to the next recipe. Which, based on what Liz sent me, will most likely be Pumpkin Cake. (‘Tis the season!)