DVR Go Bye Bye

Dan Computers

So last night I noticed a funny “electronic burning” smell in my apartment. It was over by the dining room. I sniffed around to see what it might have been, but couldn’t find the source of the smell. This morning, I discovered it: my HD DVR died. Kaput. Bye bye. Plugged in, the fan would run – but nothing would light up. I guess the motherboard fried or something (that’s why I’m filing this under “Computers” in the blog).

After sitting on hold for over 20 minutes with Time Warner Cable (apparently their Denver call center is shut down due to the blizzard, so all the calls are being re-routed to the Southern California call center, hence the long wait), I was informed that I would have to make an appointment to replace the DVR. But they couldn’t guarantee that I’d get the nice new Motorola DCT4616 HD DVR, which has double the capacity of my old Moxi box, and they might just replace it with another Moxi. However, they said I could go down to the local Santa Monica office, and try to trade in, but just in case, I have an appointment for tomorrow for 8-10am.

So I packed up the Moxi, and took it to the local office. I was then informed that I couldn’t pick up a HD DVR in person, and would have to get it from the service technician through my appointment. Crap. The good news is, they could add a note to tomorrow’s appointment in the system to make sure that the technician brings the new box for me. Yay! So, I have no television in the living room today. Big deal, I have enough DVDs to watch anyways.