Kathy Rose's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Dan Goldwasser Cooking

I dunno what makes these chocolate chip cookies different from others, but I got the recipe for Josh’s mom’s cookies from Liz, and figured I’d give them a go. I know I had said I would do the Pumpkin Cake next, but… that will come later. I promise!

Making these cookies was pretty easy – except that I did it all by hand – no mixer to aid me with the preparation. (My wrist aches!)

First you need to cream the butter, and add the sugar:

Then you add the eggs, vanilla and corn syrup:

Then you stir. And stir, and stir:

Add some chocolate chips:

Bake, cool, and serve (or store)!

Getting them just right was a little tricky – my oven sucks. For the Lemon Bars, I set it to 300 degrees and it gets to the required 350. So I set it to 250 for 325, and it was still too hot. And uneven. I couldn’t cook them for 8-12 minutes, as recommended – instead, to get them reasonable (as seen in the last picture) I had to cook them for over 16 minutes. When you only can get 9 cookies done at a time, that’s a lengthy stretch to make a buncha cookies. Still, I’m pretty happy with the results – they’re good thick chocolate chip cookies, but I think I’m ready to try something a little different – I’ve done cookies before.