Bondfest 2006: The World is Not Enough / Die Another Day

Dan Bondfest 2006

Only two to go, and here they are!

The World is Not Enough:: Due to a horrible bit of swapped casting, Sophie Marceau now plays the spoiled rich brat and Denise Richards plays the nuclear physicist. Umm…. hello? Do I really need to say more? Okay, I will. I like that M (Judi Dench) is humanized a bit in the story, and I did enjoy a lot of the action sequences, even when they started to get overwrought. But still, Denise Richards?! Yikes.

Die Another Day: A horrible main title song drags in Brosnan’s last outing as Bond. This time he has feisty Halle Berry as a sidekick, but it’s not enough to keep the bad one-liners out of the screenplay. The 20th Bond Film, which was released during the 40th Anniversary of the franchise, there are numerous nods and winks and homage moments to the previous films, which are all nice and amusing, but it’s not enough to keep this rock from sinking. I do like the score though, even with it’s electronica elements.

And so, Bondfest 2006 comes to a close, hours before 2007. Talk about getting it done at the last minute!