Meet the Robinsons

Dan Movie Reviews

Went to the El Capitan this morning (nice and early) with Ben and Ari to go see Meet the Robinsons. This Disney animated film is all CGI (they don’t seem to be doing any 2D animation anymore, which is a shame), and while it’s not a Pixar film (the film had been in the works before Disney bought the successful company), it was tweaked a little bit after the merger and John Lasseter is credited as an executive producer (I wouldn’t be surprised if he helped polish the story a tad too). The presentation was in “Disney Digital 3D™ © ®”, and it did look quite good.

The movie’s basic story is thus: Lewis is an orphan who is very smart and always creating inventions. Constantly getting passed up on adoption is starting to get to him, so he wants to seek out his biological mother – but no one has seen her since she left him by the Orphanage door. But Lewis saw her, so he decides to create an invention that will allow you to recall any memory by punching in the date and time. Makes sense, no? But there are darker forces at work – forces from…. the future! And Will Robinson shows up to help Lewis – in the process, bringing him to the future where Lewis discovers a family that he could feel right at home with.

It’s a fun movie, definitely for the kids. The animation was good, but not groundbreaking in any way. The 3D made it fun, though! The music by Danny Elfman is a blast, and works really well in the film to infuse it with a sense of fun, as well as the necessary emotional beats.

Overall, thumbs up – but no need to rush out and see it, but definitely take the kids!