Welcome to the Pinkberry Grindhouse

Dan Showbiz

Today I had a friend’s BBQ to attend, as well as a gallery opening for a photo exhibit, but I still managed to (finally) get a chance to meet up with Grindhouse writer/producer/director/editor/composer Robert Rodriguez to talk about the music he wrote for Planet Terror. We met at Pinkberry on Larchmont, which I had never been to – but I’ve heard about the frozen yogurt chain for a few weeks now. Apparently their shtick is that they have two flavors of fro-yo: plain and green tea. But it’s not just like any frozen yogurt. No, it’s like yogurt. But frozen. That is, it’s tangy like regular yogurt. It’s simple and clean. And mighty refreshing. Do I recommend it? Sure! Is it a trendy thing that might be passe in a few mere months? Absolutely. But until then, I will certainly go back.

Oh yeah – the interview went well, too, and it was really nice of Robert to take the time to meet with me on opening weekend of his movie!