Hoover Dam

Dan Vegas

After breakfast at the JW Marriott, my dad and I headed out to the Hoover Dam. It’s about 45-minutes away, and the drive was pleasant. We took the Discovery Tour at the dam, showed us the dam from the top to the bottom, and had a nice informational movie, tour guide, exhibit, and observation deck.

It’s hard to get a sense of scale – the dam is so big.

Here are the turbines, generating electricity for the southwest – including Los Angeles!

The tour took our group deep into the earth’s crust! Ok, just a tunnel down near the turbines.

They are actually building a bridge across the chasm that will offer an amazing view of the dam. This will be an engineering marvel!

I think I saw this view in Superman: The Movie

Vertigo, much?

Supposedly you are supposed to rub the statue’s toes for luck.

A view of the dam – from Arizona!