The Long Road Home

Dan Vegas

After gassing up the car and hitting the road, I discovered all-too-soon a bad mistake. I had forgotten to charge my iPod. So… now I had no music for the long drive back! Fortunately, I did manage to keep myself entertained with whatever talk-radio shows I could find. The most interesting one, I will say, was Capt. Dale Dye. He was awesome, and tore idiot callers apart in glorious fashion. When is R. Lee Ermey gonna get his own show?

Unfortunately there was some slow traffic that ran for like 1 hour or so because of the agricultural checkpoint. How silly is that?

The sunset was quite lovely as I drove through the San Gabriel Valley, on the way to Pasadena, where I would get dinner with a friend.

It took about 4.5 hours to get to Pasadena from Vegas – not too bad, really!