Dan Goldwasser Computers

I dropped my PDA this evening. Nothing major – the battery just popped off, so I put it back on. So you can imagine my surprise to discover, when turning it back on, that it had erased all of my data. D’oh!! Of course, I had it all safely tucked away on my computer at home, so no big deal. I even had an (old) backup on my datacard, so I restored from that so at least I could have most of my phone numbers.

So you can imagine the sheer horror I felt when I plugged it into my computer, and it promptly started to erase my LOCAL data, off the computer, to “sync” it to match the PDA!!! I yanked the PDA out of the dock as soon as I realized what it was doing. I was fast, but not fast enough – I lost all my calendar data from April 27 onwards. That includes anything I had scheduled for the next few weeks – and believe me, I do not remember what they were, except or a few big things. Garrgh!

So, if I miss any meetings or appointments in the coming weeks, I apologize in advance.