Illegal Connection

Dan Goldwasser Spain (2006)

So I get to the American Airlines terminal at 8:45am – plenty of time before my 11am departure, and I go to check in two of my bags, and the lady at the counter says “Oh dear, that’s an illegal connection.” Excuse me? Apparently the 1.5 hours I had as a layover at JFK in NY was not enough time for my bags to get transferred from the American Airlines terminal and sent to the Iberia Airlines terminal. Hmm. That’s not good – you would think that Orbitz would have recommended valid flights!! The lady said that I could check my bags through to New York – but then I would have to wait at baggage claim, get the bags, then go to the Iberia counter and check them in. I said “well, do you really think that will work?” And she laughed. And said “Not at all.”

What to do?? Lucky for me, one of the bags was “soft” and I was able to squeeze EVERYTHING into the other two bags. So I had two carry ons. Bursting at the seams. But I got through security, and on to the plane to New York.

The flight was uneventful, except for the screaming babies and little kids making a ruckus. I forgot my lunch at home (aargh!), so I was pretty hungry when we landed. I’ve been told that they serve dinner on the Iberia flight though,so I’ll hold out.