88 at 8

Dan Spain (2006)

After taking a bit of a “siesta”, I went for a walk (it ended up being about 2 miles) to the Royal Palace, and the gardens just north of them. Half of the gardens were closed for some kind of construction, and the other half seemed to be the local hangout for teens to make out. So I went south, to check out the National Cathedral (very nice), and then walked back to the Plaza Mayor to take some photos. I then continued on to the Puerta del Sol, a major intersection, and then looped back towards the hotel. It’s 8pm, and it’s 88 degrees outside (31 for the locals). And it’s not even very humid, but I was schvitzing like a fountain! (I did put on sunscreen, blessedly!)

Am supposed to go to dinner at 9:30 (in 1.5 hours), and I’m already so hungry! (We had lunch at 1:30, so that’s a bit of a gap between meals!) Maybe that’s why I see Tapas restaurants all over the place…..