First Afternoon

Dan Spain (2006)

So it’s a funny thing about this hotel room. None of the lights were working, and a few of the outlets seemed to be dead, too. It was only after I showered and cleaned up that I realized that the plastic card attached to the room key might actually have a purpose. Indeed, I found a little box near the door that when you put the card in, all the lights go on. Clever!!

I then met up with Sergio (who is running the conference) and we went to lunch with a colleague of his (Juan), Varese Sarabande Records’ Bob Townson, his sister and her husband. It was a nice meal, and afterwards Sergio and Juan went off to handle conference stuff, so the rest of us walked to the Plaza Mayor for drinks. They were heading down to Ubeda this afternoon (I’m not going until tomorrow afternoon) so now I’m back at the hotel having my “siesta”. I’m being picked up for dinner at 9:30pm, so I have some time to go check out the Royal Palace, and maybe the gardens too!