Spanish Food = Not Kosher.

Dan Spain (2006)

Julio, who works with BSOSpirit, picked me up and we went to dinner with his wife and a friend of theirs to a place called Casa Parrondo, for a “real Spanish dinner”. Apparently, that means there will be pork involved. (Note, I had been warned in advance of this, months ago.) We started out with some kind of garlic potato salad (tasty), and then the cheese tray arrived, with all sorts of different cheeses from northwestern Spain. It was quite good, and along with it was a tray of what looked like prosciutto, and tasted like it, but was not as “refined”. The next dish to arrive looked like my grandma’s meatloaf. It wasn’t. It had a surprisingly familiar flavor (though I doubt I’ve ever had this before), and tasted a bit like Foie Gras. I’m glad I found out what it was after I enjoyed it. The next dish was octopus, which wasn’t as close to calamari as I would have hoped, and it was only okay – not quite my cup of tea (but at least I knew what it was going in)! The last dish was something like a breakfast entree: fried eggs scrambled in with….. the prosciutto pork, and tossed with potatoes. In layman’s terms, it was scrambled eggs and bacon on top of french fries. But a bit more “upscale” than that. It was tasty, but felt out of place at 11pm.

After dinner we walked around to find a nice cafe for some post-dinner coffee. Apparently that’s not as easy to find in Spain as you would think; it’s more of an Italian thing, I guess. But we found a place that was still making coffee, and it was quite tasty! (Apparently coffee = espresso here in Spain.) It was strong enough to get me back to the hotel, where now (at 1am) I am going to hit the sack. Tomorrow should be an interesting day – if I can get my checkout time “delayed” until 3pm or so, that will let me walk to the Prado and the Parque del Retire, which I really want to do. But if I have to check out by noon, I’m not sure what I will do for the 5 hours until I’m picked up to go to Ubeda. (I don’t want to be all hot and sweaty, and then get in a car for 4 hours!)