First Day in Ubeda

Dan Spain (2006)

After a nice light breakfast, I headed over to the old church/hospital (dating back to the 12th century!) where a majority of the conference is being held. I caught up on some stuff while John Scott was giving his presentation, and then attended the John Debney presentation. It was interesting to see how it worked, since they have to translate everything spoken in English into Spanish, so it’s kind of slow-going. Toss in a few video presentations (some were scenes without music, and then the scene with music to show the impact of it), and the 90-minutes went by pretty quickly.

For lunch all of the guests were shuttled to a restaurant called El Zaguan, where many tapas were brought out (most of them pork-based of course), but there was a good salad as well. When they came around to ask us for our meal options, they said “You have a choice of fish or meat.” So I asked “What kind of meat?” “Pork”, of course, was the answer – and it was said in such a way that implied I was an idiot for even bothering to imply there was a choice. Suffice it to say, I had the cod, which was tasty and light. Afterwards, I headed back to the church where orchestra rehearsals were going to be taking place. Internet is spotty here, so I will try to get some pix up later.