Orchestra Rehearsals

Dan Spain (2006)

After the very long lunch (it ran from 2:30pm – 4:30pm), I headed over to the hospital for the orchestra rehearsals, which started with Bruce Broughton. He worked them through suites from Silverado and Young Sherlock Holmes, which was fun to hear. While they were working on that, I was online connecting to my media server back in LA to snag some music for David Arnold, who hadn’t prepared anything for his presentation tomorrow, and wasn’t exactly sure as of yet what he had on his laptop. So I could be a useful backup, at least.

After Broughton, Arnold was up for his rehearsals, and he conducted a suite of music from Casino Royale. It was cool to hear live, but the orchestra was a little spotty. Luckily this was a rehearsal (they hadn’t played it before) and with a few adjustments, on a subsequent pass they were markedly improved. David didn’t conduct the Stargate suite – that fell to the orchestra’s resident conductor, and it was definitely a rehearsal – but it was very cool to hear live. The choir bits were definitely standout!

Finally, John Powell started his rehearsals. He wasn’t conducting, but they ran through P.S. I Love You, and then X-Men: The Last Stand (with choir, which was awesome), and then I headed quickly over to the auditorium about 3 blocks away to catch the tail end of Richard Kraft and Laura Engel’s presentation. I didn’t stay for the screening of Finding Kraftland, since I’ve seen the film (and built the website). I headed back over for the end of Powell’s rehearsal, where I heard “Building the Crate” from Chicken Run. This is definitely gonna be a highlight of the concert, and the choir even had kazoos!