Lunch / Afternoon Panels / Dinner

Dan Spain (2006)

Lunch was at the Las Casas del Consul hotel, where most of the composers were staying. It was a low key and relaxed meal – it was a huge paella dish that required two people to bring it out, and it had everything in it: fish, pork, chicken, and even octopus and mussels. I only had a little bit, and tried to focus on the salad. After a bit of socializing, we moseyed down to the Theater where John Powell was giving his presentation. He was sharing music that he has on his iPod, which was actually a pretty cool idea – I mean, what does John Williams (for example) listen to in his spare time? What inspires him? Happily, Dvorak’s “New World” symphony is one of Powell’s favorites, as it is one of mine.

Due to the proposed schedule of events, I decided it would be best to be taken back to my hotel where I could change for the concert, and then was brought back to the Theater so I could check out ASCAP’s Nancy Knutsen speak. From there we went back to the Las Casas del Consul to relax and have a light bite of dinner that consisted of lots of tapas, mainly with pork. (No surprise at this point, really. The only thing I’ve forgotten to do is take photos!) Then we were taken to the concert. Well, kinda. I was told that I would be riding with two of the organizers, but then they said their car wasn’t there – so we speedwalked to to the venue.