The After-Party

Dan Spain (2006)

So even though the concert ended at 2:30am, there was still a big reception/party to be had. Now maybe that sounds unusual, but when in Spain….. I had to go anyways, since my laptop was back at the Las Casas del Consul, where the reception was being held. They had a lot of things that looked like desserts – but upon closer inspection, turned out to be…. tapas. With pork. Of course! By far the funniest one was the cheese wrapped in ham – topped with a cherry. I mean, come on. I know pork is the national pastime here, but geez! So is baseball in the USA, and people don’t go to games 3x a day. (Usually.)

That aside, the party was fun, lots of mingling and whatnot. I was told that there would be some dessert coming “later”, but all that ended up showing up was some gazpacho (with pork – of course), and these things that looked like pork-filled buns. But turned out to be blood sausage buns. Lovely. (No, I didn’t have any.) They did consider a few of the vegetarians there, though, and they brought out Spanish omelettes and dates filled with cream cheese. (Those were the closest things to dessert that would arrive that night.) A few glasses of wine later, and I was definitely tired and ready to go. By the time I got back to the hotel, it was 5am. Suffice it to say, I was going to sleep in a bit. The only event scheduled for the morning was a CD signing event (I didn’t bring any CDs anyways), and that was at noon.