The Old City / Flamenco Night

Dan Goldwasser Spain (2006)

So I hitched a ride back to the Las Casas del Consul hotel, and then got some excellent gelato with Laura Engel, John Powell and David Arnold. Then they headed off back to the hotel and I continued on my way to the old part of the city. The sun was setting, and I was hoping to get some good pictures. Unfortunately the sun set faster than I had planned, so after about 45 minutes of wandering the old twisting alleys and tight streets, I ended up heading back to the hotel to relax for a bit. Around 10:30, we all walked down to a cafe that had a courtyard, where Flamenco Night was to be held. It was crowded, and the usual tapas were there, so I wasn’t going to be eating much at all. But the sangria was certainly flowing, which made the evening a lot of fun. I missed the first “round” of flamenco dancing due to being in a group discussion in a side-room, but made sure to watch the second round. Unfortunately the flamenco lady had already taken her turn, but the man who was dancing was quite impressive. The singer also looked uncannily like a cross between Al Franken and Lewis Black. As it started to wind down, it was 1:30am and I was definitely feeling tired – after all, I had to pack and be ready to leave for Madrid at 10am!