A Somewhat Disappointing End

Dan Goldwasser Spain (2006)

After a very nice Italian meal with Fernando (yay pasta!), we walked around the area a little bit while trying to reach the other conference coordinator on his cellphone – but kept getting voicemail. That meant that not only did we not get to meet up with the others for dessert, but I basically didn’t get to say goodbye to (or speak for more than five minutes with) the person who I had been working with for the past few months on all this stuff I’ve been involved with at the conference. (Also, “see you at dinner” was the last thing I said to most of the other people, who I now won’t see for a while.) So Fernando and I went for a little late night dessert, and then after one last time trying to call, gave up and I went back to the hotel. I won’t deny that I am rather disappointed with this last minute turn of events; it leaves a negative vibe on what was an otherwise delightful trip. I do hope, though, that I am still being picked up at 10:30am as I had been informed earlier in the day (since I was supposed to get confirmation tonight). If all goes well, I’ll have dinner in Boston and then be back in LA late tomorrow night.