The Return to Madrid

Dan Goldwasser Spain (2006)

After waking up at 9:15am, I was packed, fed, and ready to head out around 10ish, which is when I was picked up. We headed to the Casas del Consul, where we were to pick up the Powells and two other folks for the drive back to Madrid. But apparently we were delayed for a bit, since it didn’t make sense to get people to the airport 4 hours before their flight – so we hung out for a bit and relaxed before finally hitting the road. It was a rather uneventful trip, which was good – I was reading a book (no, not the new Harry Potter one), and listening to my iPod, which oddly enough is something I hadn’t done on this trip once I got off the plane!

We stopped at the airport to drop off the Powells and then headed into the city to the Tryp Ambassador Hotel, where I stayed my first night in Spain. After dropping off my stuff I went for a light bite with two of the event organizers and publicist Ray Costa. Now I’m back in the hotel, just relaxing until dinner. I thought we were going to have a big “farewell” thing, but apparently now there’s some kind of dinner meeting going on to discuss next year’s conference. The dinner now seems to include most of the guests except for me (hmm…), so now I’m supposedly grabbing a bite with Fernando around 10ish, and then will probably meet up with the others for drinks after their dinner meeting finishes.