Back on the Train to Haifa

Dan Israel (2007)

Today is Sunday, so it’s a work day here in Israel. After my dad left to head to the airport to fly back to the States, my sister went to work, so my mom and I headed out. She was off to get her nails done, and I went to get breakfast with grandma and my aunt and uncle at their hotel. It was quite good – and will also count as lunch. (There seems to be a lot of two-meal days this trip, which is probably a good thing!)

After my mom joined us, we then walked down to Dizengoff Street, where there are a lot of shops, as well as my cousin’s apartment. Amusingly enough, a Sex Shop opened up across the street – but it’s really a very good neighborhood – seriously! After moseying around for a little bit (it’s very hot out, and it’s energy draining just to walk around), we headed back to the hotel, and caught a cab to the train station to get back up to Haifa. The train was 40 minutes late, but it only took about an hour to get up to Haifa, where we then took a cab to my sister’s place.