Nahal Ceremony

Dan Israel (2007)

We took a cab from Haifa down to the Nahal ceremony, which was held about 30 minutes away, near Netanya. It took us almost 90 minutes to get there, though, due to some stupid traffic (mis-timed lights), and a train crossing. It was a crazy but cool experience, to watch both of my cousins get their new bright green berets for their unit. I didn’t understand the Hebrew that the commander spoke, but it was definitely a joyous occasion for all in attendance. There was a question whether or not they would be able to come back with us to Tel Aviv for dinner and the Rosh Hashanah holiday tomorrow given this morning’s events, but we managed to get everyone down to Tel Aviv, so that’s good. Tomorrow’s holiday will be held at my brother-in-law’s parents place, in Ariel…. the largest Jewish “settlement” in the West Bank. Should be an interesting day! Meanwhile, we’re off to dinner.